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Do you enjoy returning to your homes? Do you enjoy your flat or a house? Have you created a real HOME in your personal space? A nest tailored to your needs and requirements as a dress that perfectly fits you? Or clothes that make a man a gentleman?


A flat or a house may represent a peaceful place in this busy, crazy and stressful world. It may be a harmonious place and also a place that welcomes us as ideal loving arms. It should have been this way. Comfortable home should reflect the inner part of its owner, and caresses him with beauty, balance of colors and materials. You certainly know that good feeling when you are really satisfied with your look from the bottom to the top, including your clothes and visage. At that moment, a man feels like a center of the universe. He is satisfied, happy and self-confident. He succeeds in everything. Everyone around him beams with that happiness, baths in it, and moves to its own feeling of happiness.
It is not a secret that both, a flat or a house, represent our clothes. These clothes accompany us when we go to work, out to explore the world, and welcome us when we return. Home. Home as a place where we may relax, dream, or work. Simply, it is the place where we may fully live. There is nothing worse than a tired man who returns home each day to the environment that is even more exhausting for him. He is influenced by disharmony, non-functioning items, or even things that make him nervous. It is possible to hide or disguise those failures when a visit appears, but not from ourselves.


There are only a few people who are able to make a haircut by themselves. Therefore, we simply visit a hairdresser. Similarly, those people who have their own homes entrust their furnishing to specialists for the last few decades. It requires a qualification, material, color and customer knowledge, as well as sensitivity, perception and love that are inevitable in acquiring excellent results at work in order to make a tailored nest of your flat or a house.
Fokus interior offers you all the aforementioned. We offer you long-term experiences and complex consulting in the field of interior design in case you need to decorate or furnish your new home, or to breathe new life into your old place. Space harmonization, also known as feng shui belongs to those techniques we frequently use, as well. Chinese sign for water and wind indicates the meaning of the word harmonization. It reveals the fact that if the elements are harmonized in a space, and it is possible to grasp the ungraspable and to balance the imbalanced – a miracle will happen. Rebirth miracle. The Dictionary of Foreign Terms explains the word focus as an epicenter, a deposit, or a point which the solar beams run through. Our company, Fokus interior, would like to become such a point which will re-make your home to a glowing spectrum of beauty, comfort and balance. Simply, we will tailor you your own home according to your image. Your little personal paradise here on Earth.

About us

Fokusinterier welcomes you on our website. We represent a long-term and certified partner in the field of interior furnishing as well as furniture delivery. Our philosophy states that every man is unique.

Therefore, we prefer personal and individual approach to each customer. We are specialists in our field who do their work with a pleasure and enthusiasm. We are happy to transform your impersonal and cold space into home that reflects harmony, color balance as


monika kassayova

Monika Kassayová, owner

well as material combination. Home that reflects your personality. Home, where you may work, relax and dream. Home, where you will always happily return. .


Our mission is to create you your HOME.


Complex consulting int he field of interior design

Design and realization of interiors - housing and commercial spaces - offices, coffee-houses, restaurants, boarding houses, hotels...

Material studies with elements’ choices

3D vizualization

Redesign - restyling of interiors - effective change with tiny repairs of a space

Interior harmonization - feng shui application

Furniture, lights, textile and complements for your interior

Cooperation sequence in realization of your interior

1. No-obligation meeting - the basis for a specific assignment determination of the work scope and division of phases for design and its realization

2. Draft design, material study, visualization, technical documentation detailed solutions with a specific elements choice

3. Provision of individual works according to created form and your agreed draft

4. Decoration at your place to make it more confortable and to make the whole atmosphere perfect

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